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HAVING TWO Siberian Huskies and a Border Collie who are involved in a variety of performance events, Desiree knows first hand that it is tough to find a dog trainer who has the knowledge and experience to train a dog for the many activities they can do with their people.

WE OFFER A DIFFERENT OPTION ... a personalized one-on-one approach for dog training." We take a good look at the home environment, breed characteristics, individual temperament, physical abilities and general health of the animals and then work with their owners to design an appropriate program for their dogs.

We also believe our training programs should be an extension of whatever training the owner has done or will do in the future.”

THE OTHER END OF THE LEASH : Desiree also works with the other end of the leash by designing health, fitness and performance programs that help owners keep pace with their dogs. While her performance programs are primarily designed to help owners/handlers who compete in the sport of dog agility, she points out that even the general population has a need for this general conditioning service. "People go out and get a high energy dog that requires that they run, throw balls, etc. and find that they have trouble keeping up with their dog." To contact Desiree click here


Why Not Exercise With Your Dog?
By Desiree Snelleman

WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY where time is at a

premium. We are stretching ourselves thin in all aspects of life. We and our companion dogs are greatly affected by this phenomenon.

As a consequence of our hectic schedules we scurry around, thinking we are effective in getting our daily tasks accomplished; and mostly we are. However, running amuck is not
     Photo: Terry Curtiss with T & C Productions

considered exercise.


Most of us live in a household where all adult

members work and/or go to school. This means  

that we are gone most hours of the day. We are part of a chair borne society. This implies that the largest part of the day we are inactive on the job and at home. Let's face it; we are sedentary. (Read the full article click here)


Up, On Deck, In The Hole!
Are You And Your Dog Ready?

Preparation and recovery for agility events

Photo: Terry Curtiss with T & C Productions

DOG AGILITY is an exhilarating sport, considered to be physically and mentally demanding for both the handler and the dog. The requisite for each member of the team is different. The dog must maneuver and overcome/clear all the challenging obstacles on the course. The handler, on the other hand, must negotiate around the obstacles to get into the right positions to direct the dog cleanly through its run, all in a specified amount of time. It is the ultimate human-canine TEAM sport.

We have all spent a lot of time, money and energy training and perfecting our dogs to handle their part. However, we forget what we need to bring to the table to optimize the results of the team. (Read the full article click here)


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